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There are plenty of websites out there that claim to provide a 100% free service. But in reality, there is almost always a catch. For example, they may tease you with access to some of their basic tools just to entice you to sign up. After building so-called “trust”, you will eventually want (and need) access to their advanced features. That’s when they force you to pay a fee (monthly or annually) for continued use of their service.

Additionally, they almost always use the alleged “free” profile against you. Sometimes this involves marketing attempts to get you to buy another product or service they offer. And most times, with the help of unclear and covert wording in their terms of use agreements, these websites will ultimately sell your information to third parties, who will use it to learn more about you and your interests. And before you know it, you’re part of various marketing lists that begin targeting you for certain products and selling strategies.

At, we are honest and up-front with you about everything. We have nothing to hide and there is no covert wording in our terms of use, We have no hidden agenda, we will guarantee your Footprint for life, AND you can rest assured that whatever you add to your Footprint is private, safe, and will never be used or sold for any other purpose. The one-time setup fee that we charge helps cover the costs of securing your Footprint on our servers, and will also help us bring you personalized support, continued website enhancements, upgrades, and new features (which are added almost daily). In the end, it is one of the most affordable and worthwhile investments you can make.