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How will your children and grandchildren remember your legacy?

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America’s Footprints can help you build a memoir about your life story (in private) that will one day be passed down to your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren. Keeping your legacy alive for the current and future generations of your family.

We have all experienced the ups and downs of life, accomplishments, hardships, and moments we will never forget.  But when we say “goodbye”, the question then becomes: “what happens next?” What will your children and grandchildren have to remember you by? Sure those random pictures and online albums are nice. But what else?


What would we want them to know about our journey, even if we haven’t gotten the chance to tell them yet? What lessons do we have yet to share with them? What experiences and traditions would you want to pass down to them? And what were some of the proudest moments in your journey as a parent that you would want them to know about?

We all have a truly unique life story that deserves to be remembered in our family’s history.  And that is why a “Footprint” is the perfect solution. At America’s Footprints, we provide you with an easy way for you to preserve your story in the form of a private digital memoir. When you are ready, this Footprint can be made available to your loved ones, ensuring your life story will be remembered through the current and future generations of your family.

Think of America’s Footprints like ancestry…for the future. We are now proudly accepting new members from both the United States and Canada, and encourage you to join the thousands of others who are now lifetime members!

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