Privately preserve the memories of your life story

And pass down something of true value to your children and grandchildren!

It is your journey

At America's Footprints, we provide you with a simple and easy solution to preserve your life story. Whether it is photos, documents, traditions, milestone memories, or life lessons...a Footprint is the perfect way to store those poignant moments in your journey through life! Moments that you may one day choose to share or pass down to your children, grandchildren, and loved ones.

It is private

Our Footprints allow you to privately document the journey of your life at your own pace. Whether it's on the go, or in the comfort of your own home, you can update your content regularly and in secret. Unlike social media sites, everything you add to your profile remains hidden and private until you are ready to share your Footprint with family, friends, and loved ones.

It is for life

Once you reserve your Footprint, it is yours for LIFE. We do not save any of your billing information, and you never have to worry about additional fees or recurring charges. We believe everyone, including you, has a story that deserves to be remembered in your family's history. And we will work hard for you to help ensure it stays alive for generations to come.



Give your children and loved ones something they will never expect. Give them the gift of your life story.  Get started now!

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