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We know you may have lots of questions. Below we have listed the most common questions - answered!

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What is a Footprint?

A Footprint is a digital summary of your life that you build in private. It is a short story of major events, milestones, accomplishments, and challenges that you have endured throughout your lifetime.   It is a private place where you can leave personal messages for your children, friends and family.   It is even a small archive of photos, videos, and documents that you wish to pass down.

Ultimately a Footprint it is a digital profile that becomes a permanent part of your family's history...telling your story for a long time to come, keeping your legacy alive.

Why should I create a Footprint?

Because your Footprint provides you with a unique opportunity to preserve your story for your children and grandchildren. Stories you maybe never got a chance to share. Stories that will help keep your legacy alive through the future generations of your family. Because everyone has a story to tell.

Is this just another genealogy website?

No. does not have any connection to other genealogy websites, and was not built to become a family tree profile that connects you with your relatives.  We are very unique.  We provide a platform that enables you to preserve the poignant moments in your life private...and to ultimately leave behind a digital legacy that continues to tell your story to the current and future generations of your family.

How is this different from ancestry sites?

Ancestry and other government / DNA sites link people through genealogy with a heavy focus on connecting you with your past.  But at America's Footprints, you are creating a way to connect with people of the future. So when your children (and even your great grandchildren) want to learn more about your life...they can view your Footprint to see the legacy you chose to leave behind.

Is a Footprint just like an online diary?

Not really.  Online diaries are for your private thoughts.  They are usually very personal and aren't written to be shared with others.  Unlike a diary, you are creating a Footprint to preserve the memories and milestones in your life that you want your children and grandchildren to ultimate uncover.

How is this different from social media?

Social media is focused on 'day-to-day' activities. As a result, these profiles instantly become cluttered with thousands of daily posts, random pictures, comments, and other junk. And when we pass on, those profiles are ultimately lost in cyberspace, forgotten, deleted, or deactivated.

At, a Footprint is not based on daily events. It is a tightly-knit, concise summary of your life...the way you want it to be remembered. It becomes a complete story about you...and it is something that will not be forgotten, lost, or deleted.

How often should I update my Footprint?

A Footprint is a profile that should always be evolving to stay current with the events in your life. So you should regularly log in to your account and continue updating your information and/or add and edit content. But there is no requirement or expiration date for an account going inactive. You can log in anytime you have a moment you would like to preserve.

Who can see my Footprint?

Only members can physically view the details of another Footprint.  However, ALL Footprints remain 100% private for as long as you wish.  The only people who can view your Footprint are those who have your unique Footprint ID and a valid certificate, which you gain access to when you create an account.  This certificate is typically printed and stored with your other end-of-life documents (such as a Last Will). It helps to ensure that when our final day comes, your next of kin and close family (or whomever has access to those documents) can immediately view the Footprint you left behind for them.

Can I gift memberships for someone else?

Absolutely!  In fact, a Footprint makes the perfect gift (and perhaps the most unique gift) for family, friends, and loved ones!  It may very well outlast any other gift you can think of.  Visit our GIFT CARD page to get started!

What happens to my information if you go out of business?

The owners and staff at have no intentions of going out of business, and have taken precautions to ensure this website and the profiles you build will be around and permanently available to you for a very long time to come. is here to stay - FOREVER.

That said, should an unforeseeable circumstance cause us to close our doors, you will be notified well in advance so you can package and download everything in your profile, and thus continue building your Footprint in history.

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