Remembering the legacy of 6-y-o- Jesse Lewis

June 25, 2015

Today we would like to give a special honor to 6-y-o Jesse Lewis.  Jesse was one of the 20 children lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy on December 14.  

Jesse was very friendly and loved talking to people. He liked animals and was just learning how to ride a horse. Jesse was not just a victim on that tragic day, he was also a hero.

During the chaos happening in his classroom, and after seeing his teacher killed before his eyes, the shooter’s gun jammed, and in that moment Jesse yelled to his classmates to run. As a result of his actions 6 children escaped and survived.  Sadly however, Jesse did not make it out of the room before the shooter reloaded and began firing again.

This 6 year old child showed more bravery and courage than most will in a lifetime. So today we ask that you commit to completing just ONE act of kindness in Jesse’s memory, and never forget the story of Jesse Lewis.  A young boy whose final act of courage became his final life legacy.