Footprints Remembered: Helen and Joe Auer

October 24, 2014

In their 73 years together, Helen and Joe Auers’ relationship outlasted the Depression and World War II, in which Joe spent over three years fighting. During Joe’s deployment, Helen welcomed the pair’s second child, and she sent her husband a photo of herself with their two kids. Joe carried that photo through the war, and he continued to keep the worn picture in his wallet until the day he died.

The couple welcomed 10 kids into the world over their long lives together, and they are survived by 9 of those children, along with 16 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. All of them feel blessed to have come from such devoted and compassionate parents.

They were simple, humble people. They wanted nothing and got everything in return,” said the Auers’ son Jerry. “If somebody were thinking of getting married, they could do a lot worse than to look at my parents.”

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Helen passed away peacefully in her home at the age of 94. Her husband Joe was the first to find the love of his life deceased.  He walked up to his departed wife, gave her a kiss, and asked her for just one more favor…seapking the words: : “Helen, call me home.”

And almost immediately, Joe was once again reunited with his wife.  But this time, it was in the gates of heaven.   And now with only a brief break apart, Helen and Joe are starting a fresh new chapter of their story – together.

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