Dad builds world’s first Transformers Prime Megatron costume…to inspire his son!

October 21, 2019

CHECK IT OUT – this same dad also built the world’s only full-scale replica of Optimus Prime for the same reasons!

My 7-y-o son and I are big fans of the animated series known as Transformers Prime. It was a show that aired on the HUB network for 3 seasons, sadly ending it’s run not too long ago. But despite its end, we still regularly watch and enjoy the episodes on DVD.

For Halloween, my son and I thought it would be really unique and cool to dress up as our favorite characters from the series. So we decided he would become Optimus Prime, and I would be Megatron. While finding a costume fir him was quite simple, the same didn’t hold true for me.

Unable to locate an authentic Megatron costume, we hit a road-block.  He didn’t want to experience Halloween without me, and yet I couldn’t find a costume of Megatron.  Not wanting to disappoint him, I decided to embark on a father-son project and build one – myself.

But because this particular series is newer, finding sketches, diagrams, or templates to work from proved impossible.  It thus became something we’d have to do from scratch. And though neither of us have any ‘artistic’ traits, I wasn’t afraid to take on the challenge.

Collecting only a handful of photos from the internet, we started the build late in the Summer. I did some light research on hand-made costumes and read various threads showing how other people were building the more popular costumes like Ironman suits. Now Feeling ready to begin, we ordered about 60 2 x 2 square foam tiles and about a dozen small foam sheets (similar to the material you’d find on a gym floor).

Working from the ground up, my son and I built each piece together. Going strictly by the small pictures of Megatron that we printed from the internet, we took the foam sheets and cut them to an estimated size…warping the foam with heat, and then hot-gluing the pieces together. We finished by spray-painting it to mirror Megatron’s metallic finish with purple (Energon) accents.

The costume took us over three months to complete, and we finished just in time for Halloween.  Considering we were not artists, and had never tried something like this before, we were really happy with the outcome.

Needless to say our costumes were a big hit at all of the Halloween-themed events we went to together. A life-size Megatron and mini Optimus Prime…roaming the streets and parties together…hand-in-hand as father and son.   Ultimately my goal in doing this was to create a great lifelong memory for my son to look back on…teaching him to never be afraid of a challenge.  It was a moment in my life I will never forget.  And hopefully, neither will he.