A digital memoir like no other – meet AmericasFootprints.com

April 7, 2015

Written by: Joe Fiduccia

If we take a moment to stop and think about the memories of our past, we would certainly have enough to keep us sitting down for quite some time.

We have all lived an incredible life, filled with ups, downs, accomplishments, successes, and even hardships.  We have memories and experiences that are unique to only us.  We keep secrets that no one else will likely ever know.  And we make decisions that many just don’t understand.

It is these very experiences that define who we are today.  Whether they changed us, or just became a part of us, we own them.  Our legacy is defined by those circumstances and how we’ve dealt with them over time.

One day, each and every one of us will take our last breath.  And with that final moment, the story of our life becomes a legacy that we’ve left behind.  A legacy that will one day…be forgotten.

That is the foundation upon which AmericasFootprints.com was built.  Members who join have the unique opportunity to build a digitial memoir of their life, in private.  It is not an autobiography, nor is it a book or even a short story.  Instead, it is a digital Footprint that pinpoints the defining moments of your life…as told by you.

This memoir, created in private, is built over time and throughout the natural course of your life.  No one else will know what you are creating…and ultimately it can become anything you make it out to be.

When our final day comes, we will have left behind a digital memoir that becomes a time capsule of our life story.  It becomes a Footprint in America’s history…stored in the AmericasFootprints.com archive – forever.

And when the time is right, your family, your friends, and even your future ancestors will then have a digital legacy that you’ve left behind.  All because you gave them all a place to learn about the true story of your life, long after you’ve said goodbye.

We encourage you to learn more about AmericasFootprints.com, and to join their growing family.  One day, your relatives (and even your future ancestors) will thank you for it.