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5 (More) People Who Made History, And You Don’t Even Know Them

September 15, 2020

Continuing our tradition of preservation, here are 5 more people who made history…and we are willing to bet you have never even heard of them.

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100-Year-Old Man Shares His Top 10 Life Lessons

April 21, 2020

Now celebrating his 100th birthday, he certainly has his share of stories for the dinner table. And one might even say he has earned the right to share them.

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Now And Then – A Brief Look At How Far We Have Come In 100 Years

November 19, 2019

America’s Footprints did some statistical research to better gauge just how far we’ve really come in the last 100 years. And some of these facts will amaze you!

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7 Modern Traditions From The 1500’s That Will Leave You Saying “OMG!”

January 28, 2019

If you think life is tough today, take into consideration the challenges our ancestors faced back in the 1500’s.

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A 1934 Maritime Tragedy With Several Bizarre Twists

October 27, 2018

All of us are familiar with the famous Cruise Line disasters such as Titanic. But what about the stories that have faded with time? Take the Morro Castle for example…

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The Story Behind The Smile: A Famous Actress Who Struggled To Find Her Happiness

September 11, 2018

Judy Garland is most famous for her role as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”. But despite the joy you may see on the outside, Judy’s short life story may come as a surprise.

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Who Says The 1920’s Weren’t Cool

May 25, 2018

The 20’s can be characterized by prosperity and independence. But when we think of that decade, the word ‘cool’ doesn’t likely won’t to mind. These fun photos may change that perspective!!

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Aging Safely – Top 10 Home Safety Checks For Baby Boomers

December 10, 2017

More than 600,000 older Americans are treated each year in hospital emergency rooms for injuries at home. That is why we created this top 10 checklist to help keep our older generations safe!

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8 AWESOME Facts About M*A*S*H That Will Make You Want To Watch It All Over Again

December 1, 2017

Time to pay homage to the men and women who helped create the long-lasting legacy that M*A*S*H is so well known for!

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Dad builds world’s first Transformers Prime Megatron costume…to inspire his son!

October 21, 2017

See how a Pennsylvania father took on the challenge of building the world’s first Transformers Prime Megatron costume…with no experience or background in costume-making…all so he could inspire his young son that anything is possible!

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10 Women That History Has Forgotten, But We Haven’t

April 17, 2017

We present to you 10 women from history whose Footprints will continue to inspire our world for generations to come.

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5 People You Never Heard Of Who Changed American History

December 2, 2016

Here are five short stories about people who made history, and yet we don’t even know their names.

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How Well Would You Do On This 8th Grade Final Exam From 1895?

July 30, 2016

Think the exams our children bring home from school are tough for us (as adults) to pass? You haven’t seen anything yet! Put your skills and knowledge to the test and see if you have the answers to this 8th grade exam from 1895!

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Young Boy With Cancer Lives His Dream Of Meeting A WWE Superstar

June 19, 2016

Connor “The Crusher” Michalek was a WWE superfan and, later, a WWE Hall of Famer who received considerable media attention after a social media campaign for him to meet his hero and favorite wrestler, Daniel Bryan. See the incredible experience in this first-hand video documentary.

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Two Teen Sisters Start A Baking Program To Help Those In Need

April 21, 2016

Meet Amy and Emma Bushman. Intrigued by the idea of starting their own business while also helping others, these twin sisters decided to give departing shelter families a jar of cookie mix so that they could inaugurate their new home by making cookies together…

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Remembering Kurt Cobain: 12 Little-Known Facts About A Generation’s Icon

April 21, 2016

The legend of artist Kurt Cobain and the mysteries surrounding him remain just as intriguing to some as the Titanic disaster of 1912. Here are 12 little-known facts about this 90’s sensation!

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Two Sisters Create A Memory Of A Lifetime For Their Dying Father

April 19, 2016

Check out what these incredible young girls did for their dying father

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12-Year-Old Dies Of Cancer, But Her Final Words Will Take Your Breath Away

April 13, 2016

Young Athena Orchard was an old soul inside a 12-year-old body. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with bone cancer and died shortly thereafter. But hidden behind her bedroom mirror was a message that will carry on her legacy for a long time to come.

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Meet A Young Girl Who Raised Over $1 Million For Charity, After Her Death

March 22, 2016

Rachel was just your average 9-year-old girl who had a heart that wanted to solve every problem she saw in this world. So when she heard a man give a talk about how kids her age in Africa didn’t have clean water to drink, she immediately decided to help.

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Saying Goodbye To A Modern Day Batman – The Superhero Who Made A Difference

March 21, 2016

Last week, the nation said farewell to Leonard B. Robinson, better known as the Route 29 Batman. So today we would like to honor his legacy by introducing you to the man behind the mask.

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