Young Boys Go Out Of Their Way To Help A 75-y-o Who Was Issued An Arrest Warrant

August 4, 2015

It takes a lot to surprise Riesel, Texas resident Gerry Suttle. That’s because after having lived over seven decades, she has certainly experienced her share of speechless moments. But a recent act of kindness left Gerry at a loss for words, for the first time in a long time.

Soon-to-be 76 years old, Gerry Suttle lives a quiet life by herself on several acres of property. She has never been in trouble with the local police, so when she found out that her township recently issued a warrant for her arrest, she was stunned.

“I’ll be 76 in July,” Suttle said. “I’m 75 now and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now I got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel.”

The city apparently issued a warrant because she failed to appear before the judge regarding a complaint that her lawn was too high on a significant portion of her property. But according to Suttle, she never received a copy of that complaint or the summons to appear.

Given the extreme size of her property and the scorching heat of summer, Gerry is not physically capable of cutting the grass on this portion of her property. With a tight budget, she is also unable to hire a professional landscaping company to cut it for her.

And as a result of this warrant, Gerry is now afraid to leave her house for a simple drive to get groceries. “My name is on the list,” Suttle said. “If I get stopped, I’ll get picked up.”

Enter a group of young boys (the Reynolds brothers) from her neighborhood. When they heard about the warrant, this team of three decided to do something nice for their elderly neighbor, a woman that none of them had met personally and is otherwise a complete stranger to them. And their simple act of kindness encouraged even more members of their community to come out and help them make a difference in Suttle’s life.

Watch the video below to see what these youngsters did and how they have helped form new bonds in their own neighborhood.

Gerry Suttle and the Reynolds Brothers