What do 84-year-old Tinney Davidson and High School have in common?

June 25, 2015

Every day, students on their way to Highland Secondary School in Comox, British Columbia, can depend on one thing: Tinney Davidson, 84, will be sitting in her window waving at them.

“I love it,” Davidson, who’s been waving since 2007, told Chek News. “And they seem to love it also. So, you know, it’s been a fun few years.”

One Friday, the high school students wanted to make Davidson’s Valentine’s Day one she’ll never forget. So, they invited her to an assembly where they honored her for always keeping them smiling.  They also wanted to thank her for raising money for St. Joseph’s General Hospital, the Comox Valley Record reported. By knitting and selling hats, Davidson’s brought in more than $600.

On Valentine’s Day, the students celebrated Davidson by showing their 84-year-old friend a special video, giving her Valentine’s Day cards and, of course, offering up lots of hugs.

“I’m overwhelmed, happy and grateful,” Davidson told the paper. “My happiness is having children wave at me.”