Military Veteran Leads A Free Soccer Program For Parents And Their Children

April 26, 2017

If you are like most families, your children likely play at least one sport after school or on the weekends. Tennis, football, baseball, softball, and soccer are among the most popular ones that may come to mind.

So when you bring your child to practice, what happens next? Do you grab a chair, pull out the phone, and begin a social media scroll? Do you go run some errands? Do you go back home to watch your favorite television show?

Or do you get out there on the field, and actually participate in the sport with your child?

As crazy as it might sound, that is exactly what military veteran James Vallesillo is coordinating for families throughout his community.

Every weekend, you will find Coach Vallesillo leading the co-ed northwest Las Vegas soccer program. Started in 2013, it is designed for both beginning and more experienced soccer players.

The only difference from your typical soccer program: it’s open to anyone, at any age.

Vallesillo wanted to implement some of the core values he learned in the military. And one of them was the importance of interacting with your family.

So every Saturday at the Aliante Discovery Park, he volunteers his time to plan a morning of exciting soccer drills and games. Children of any age, as well as their parents, are invited on the field to participate in the fun activities.

In fact, parents are expected to get involved.

“If you show up, you’re going to play,” he said in an interview. “If you’re a parent, don’t show up in flip-flops.”

Parents don’t just drop off their kids at this program. They get out on the field and run the same drills with their children, also participating in a variety of games and matches against other families.

And though some might balk at the idea of partnering adults and children in a soccer game, clearly his approach is working…as his group has grown to over 500 participants.

Oh, and did we mention: it is 100% completely FREE!

Vallesillo has enjoyed the sport of soccer since he was three years old. His own children also participate in the Saturday morning practices. He says he is doing this because it felt right for the community.

If you would like to show your support for this military veteran and local coach, you can get in touch with Las Vegas Now news, who first aired this amazing story.