Meet the Grandmother Who Finally Lived Her Dream Of Flying A Plane

June 25, 2015

Mary has always dreamed about flying a plane.  Even into her early childhood, she recalls the times she would spend pretending to pilot a toy aircraft, looking up into the sky with the belief that one day she will be the pilot of these “modern marvels”.

However, as we can probably relate, life had other plans for her at the time.

Growing up, she was the last of her group of friends to get her driver’s license.  But determined to get behind the wheel of a airplane, she decided to join the military as a service pilot.  Once enrolled, Mary was unfortunately informed that she was too young to fly.

Years later, Mary found herself at a dance sponsored by the Army Officer’s League. And it was here that she met her true love Donald for the first time. The two eventually married and stayed together for 65 years before his death.  They raised two children, one who is now working as a commander in the US Navy.

Throughout most of her life, Mary spent her time as a freelance writer, Grey Lady (Red Cross Volunteer), and stay-at-home mom.  But her dreams of flying never faded.

Finally, not too long ago, thanks to the fund-raising efforts of TAD Relocation, Mary finally realized her dream.  She got in the cockpit for the first time and took to the skies to begin her flying lessons. And before going on her maiden voyage, three  generations of family, friends, and staff from TAD Relocation joined her on this special day.

And Mary’s first lesson didn’t disappoint. Mary said the flight exceeded her expectations and she is looking forward to setting up a longer flight her next go-around.

It was the dream of a lifetime…and will now forever be a wish – granted.

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