Judge Recognizes A Burglary Suspect From Their Childhood, And Inspires Him To Change

May 4, 2016

When you enter a courtroom, you typically don’t expect to see a familiar face sitting behind the bench. But that is exactly what happened to Arthur Booth, a burglary suspect from Miami, Florida.

However there is something else that makes this “reunion” worthy of the spotlight today. Something that would help Booth find his ‘inner happy’ again.

Mindy Glazer is a Miami judge who recognized the defendant in her courtroom as a childhood friend. So before she handed down his sentence, Glazer took the opportunity to remind Booth about the fun they once had as children.

The pair once played football together, and Glazer said that Booth was always “the nicest kid in middle school.” She questioned where and when his life took a wrong turn, leading him down a path neither of them could have anticipated as children.

And all the while, Booth just stood there…overcome with emotion and at a loss for words.

But it was this same moment that became the catalyst for Booth to begin a new life, and to start his journey towards a better tomorrow.

Ten months later, when his jail sentence was over, Glazer stood alongside his family and welcomed him to freedom with a big hug. She also made a promise to Booth that this was a new beginning for him, and that she would remain by his side to help get him on the right path again.

Listen to the words that broke Booth down, direct from the courtroom!