Homeless Man Helps Couple Revive Baby, And Then Disappears

March 30, 2016

Gary Wilson: an angel from the heavens above, or a man who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

You decide. The story goes as follows:

Keaton Mason was in serious labor. She and her fiancé started making their way to the hospital when her unborn baby decided an Oklahoma City truck stop was the first thing she wanted to see from her bucket list.

The couple pulled over into the parking lot and together, they delivered the baby in the front seat of their Honda. But there was one problem: newborn Tatum Brown wasn’t breathing.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

While her husband was calling 911, Mason screamed for help hoping there was someone at the truck stop who could bring life to their child.

And there was. His name was Gary Wilson.

Wilson was described as a long-haired, bearded homeless man holding a sign that said “Memphis.” In fact there are some people who compare his likeness to Jesus.

Wilson took over the 911 call and talked to the dispatcher directly. They provided instructions on how to remove the cord from the Tatum’s neck and tie off the umbilical cord.

They explained that Wilson also began rubbing Tatum’s back, and within moments the newborn took her first breath.

Honoring his heroic act that evening, the truck stop gave Wilson a meal and a place to sleep. But he was gone by the next morning, and the Mason’s never got the chance to learn more about the man who became Tatum’s savior. All they know about him is his name, and that he was headed to Florida.

So is Gary Wilson an angel from the heavens who mysteriously vanished once his job was finished, or was he an ordinary man with a kind heart, who happened to be in the right place at the right time?