Faith on the streets: a stolen car becomes his Pay It Forward contribution

April 21, 2016

Meet Mr. Derk West, whose 1993 Chrysler New Yorker was stolen from a house in Boonville, Indiana and then sold to a 72-year-old who had unwittingly bought his stolen car.  Not trusting the deal that went through, this man researched the car’s history and found Derk to be the original owner.  So he gave Derk a call.

The two met up shortly after and what happened next was amazing.  Derk determined the senior citizen needed the vehicle more than he did.  He is “…72-years-old [with a] and fixed income. He was out $300, and he was just, really upset.” Derk said in an interview.  “I just drove the car for several years as a work car.  So I just wound up giving him the car. He needed it worse than I did.”

Faith in humanity – continues.

(And as for the alleged car thief, 46-year-old Donald Grigsby of Evansville, Indiana was finally arrested because he had signed the receipt using his social security number.)

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