5th Graders Give Bullied Classmate A New Outlook On Life

June 25, 2015

Group of 5th graders welcome special needs boy James Wilmert into their circle

While finding our way through the daily rigor of life, every once in a while we meet someone who takes our breath away. We encounter that one special person who unexpectedly gives us hope for a better tomorrow, and inspires others to follow in the footsteps they leave behind.

And in this case, that “special someone” is a small group of 5th grade boys from Franklin Elementary school in Mankato, Minnesota.

Recently this group of boys made news headlines after taking steps as a team to change the life of a fellow classmate named James Wilmert.

Wilmert, because of his special needs, has unfortunately become an easy target for school bullies. Compounding the issue further is the fact that Wilmert recently lost his father in a bicycle accident. And as these dramatic experiences starting piling up, Wilmert started entering depression and no longer wanted to get out of bed…let alone go to school.

That’s when schoolmates Gus, Tyler, Landon, Jake, and Jack decided to step in and help lift Wilmert’s spirits once again. Together they welcomed Wilmert into their circle and promised to protect him from bullying.

But their kind act goes much further than just forming a protecting wall around Wilmert. As you’ll see in this story, they have formed a bond and friendship with Wilmert that has given ALL of them a new, bright outlook on life.

We invite you to watch the video below from USA Today to hear this touching story and learn how this group of boys has welcomed another into their circle with open arms.