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December 30, 2020

Umm… if you know me then awesome! Your friendship/sister/brotherhood is a blessing to me :)! If not, there is always room to make for more friends. My two daughters would tell you I am “Fun”. Yes, we have lots of laughs but I also make them clean bahaha then I am not fun :). My husband Micah would tell you ” She’s free spirited, a fighter, compassionate, down to earth and spunky”. I say I am all those things and then some… like a hot mess and geek on some stuff lol. In my free time I read, write poetry when in the feels for it. I crochet and do some sewing ( honestly I keep things simple 😉😅😁 lol….). Watch Transformers, Alien stuff (AVP,Predators and stuff), Action films… um some romance… I like exploding things mostly but not apposed to a good romance like “PS I Love You”. I love documentaries :)! lets not forget nature- It is my go to for family adventures, self breaks and just because :). The most important truths I want to leave for my kids and those around me is to find freedom 😘, you are worth more than you think🥰, you have a reason to be❤️, You are LOVED💞, be happy in who you are💯. I want others to experience healing and know they are not alone :). I think this sums me up well….even if i did type a bit😂🤣 . Love ya and stay sweet and free.❣️