Why You Should Never Apologize for Your Success

October 14, 2020

Written by: Tina Marcella

Today’s blog is a simple story that truly affected me. Everyday, we are learning lessons, some more profound than others.

This particular story hit me deep, part in frustration, and part because it made me aware that surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to success.

I have a dear friend. We grew up in the same town. Both of us not having much, me, because my parents were new to America, and her because her Dad left, leaving her mom to care for three children.

Although, times were tough, somehow there was always a kindness in her. And her anger never truly showed. On thanksgiving, she and her family humbly accepted the baskets that were left on the doorstep, collected by a local church.

Fast forward, she graduated high school and it wasn’t until our 30’s that we reconnected. Funny as it was we both moved to the same small town as adults. She told me of her years, getting married to a man with a great career, and she too having a job that paid her extremely well. School loans, and other things kept them in their little starter home though.

Years passed and we spent time together. Me being there through the birth of her second and third child. Staying home to raise the children was super important to her family. Yet another thing keeping them in their quaint, yet small space.

Most recently, her husband branched off and started his very own business. Well, before they knew it, clients came in, in droves, and they were truly learning that hard work pays off. They both sacrificed so much to open this practice.

There were times they didn’t know how the mortgage would get paid, but faith kept the dream from collapsing. Hard work and years of persistence, has grown this practice into a huge success.

Why is this all important? Well here is where I am going with all of this.

Time came that they were finally ready to move out of their little home. The days of three children sharing one bedroom were finally coming to an end. And because our families are literally joined at the hip, she invited us to go house hunting with them. They were caught up between a few, and maybe my husband and I could add some insight.

There were four houses, each prettier than the next. One through three were large and beautiful, in very affluent neighborhoods. We pulled up to house number four and I almost fell over. This house was truly one of the most gorgeous homes I have ever seen.

Big, beautiful, classy, and a view that looked like the cliffs of California. My mouth dropped, as I turned to her. “Oh my God, this is it!” There is absolutely no comparison.

Then, out of her mouth came the words that forever changed me.

“Tina, I like this home, but it may be too flashy. I don’t want people to think I am a snob,” she said with an unpretentiousness.

My head spun around like something out of an exorcist movie. “Wait, what?”

“Well, you know, I really don’t feel like being judged. People see this house and will think that I THINK I am too good for them. It makes me a bit uncomfortable.” she said, as her smile now was a serious stare.

As my next words to her spilled out of my mouth, my energy grew stronger.

“Listen to me! I realize that you come from a humble place. But you have worked so hard to build a better life for yourself. You have sacrificed so much. For nine years, your children shared one room. Your husband spent sleepless nights juggling a dream for a better life for his family and the reality possibly losing what you already had.

You both spent days covering up your tears with smiles just so that your kids wouldn’t know any different. You both worked tirelessly, persisted, and won! And the only reason that you won’t get this house is because you feel others will not love you or be offended? If there are people who do not support you, or think that you are now “too good’, for them, well then are they real to begin with. Because they too would have seen your journey to get here.”

“Point taken”, she said. As I watched her posture change and sunshine return to her face. “You are right! Why shouldn’t I be excited!”

A few days later, the offer was put on the house and was theirs.

The moral of this rant, was that you work so hard for your success, don’t ever apologize. Everyone is on their own journey. They dreamt of a better life and went for it. Everyone has free will, and despite heart ache can find a way.

Dream big, see the result, and watch as it grows. Be grateful for what you have and receive the abundance that is coming to you as a result of your hard work. Surround yourself with only people who support you. Those who tear you down are only projecting what they feel about themselves and their lack mentality.

Go for it! And enjoy all that you have earned, unapologetically.

Tina is a Certified Personal Power and Performance Coach who specializes in helping people beat the fear of Speaking Publicly and engaging an audience with absolute confidence.