Why should I create a Footprint?

October 17, 2015

You should become a member because everyone has a story to tell. Your life is unique and significant in some way.  You have likely endured great hardships, experienced incredible milestones, and achieved great successes…many of which will be forgotten as time goes on.

Your Footprint will also give you an opportunity to leave something behind for your children.  You can share the stories you never got a chance to tell them.  You can give them the wisdom from your lifetime of experience.  You can even record a video of you singing Happy Birthday so they can play it back year after year.

You should create a Footprint because regardless of fame, fortune, or status, we ALL have a story deserves to be remembered in our family’s history. And that is why we are proud to give you a way to share your life story with the future descendants of your family, long after you say goodbye.