Who can see my Footprint?

October 17, 2015

Only AmericasFootprints.com members can physically view the details of another Footprint.  However, ALL Footprints remain 100% private for as long as you wish.  Members have two options for controlling their Footprint visibility:

a) Keeping it permanently hidden forever. If this option is chosen, the only people who can view your Footprint are those who have your unique Footprint ID, which is found on your Footprint Authenticity Certificate.  This certificate is typically printed and stored with your other end-of-life documents (such as a Last Will). It helps to ensure that when our final day comes, your next of kin and close family (or whomever has access to those documents) can immediately view the Footprint you left behind for them.

b) Keeping it hidden until a date of your choice.  For example, you can choose to make your Footprint visible to the general member public on January 1, 2050.  Until that date, it can only be viewed by those who have the unique ID found on your Footprint Authenticity Certificate.