Teenage Boy Takes To Instagram To Honor His Dying Great Grandmother

January 19, 2016

Few of us will be fortunate enough to carry the title of a ‘great grandparent’.

But for those of us who get that opportunity, we rightfully earn a special place in our family’s history.  Because the stories we could share with the younger generations would keep us all feeling young again, and would easily keep everyone else entertained for months.

Yet to quantify the countless memories, experiences, and shear bits of wisdom a great grandparent could share is quite a challenge. For it is no easy task summarizing a life story that spans almost an entire century.

But for a Louisville teen named Zach Belden, it was a challenge he was willing to take on using a modern method.

Zach wanted a way to memorialize his dying Great Grandmother Betty. So the young boy took to Instagram and created an account for his precious Great Grandmother.

He started by uploading a few photos and videos to remember her, and continued adding more to her account on a regular basis.

Well it wasn’t long before others took notice, and eventually started following her on Instagram. And when you watch the video below, you’ll want to jump on the same bandwagon.

Though no one will ever truly know the life story behind her amazing journey, the moments that have been captured and posted to her online account give us a small glimpse into the legacy that Great Grandma Betty will one day leave behind.