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Welcome! The purpose of your Footprint is to privately document the poignant milestones and moments from your lifetime. It is meant to house the memories, experiences, and stories of your journey that you wish to preserve and pass down to your children and grandchildren. Use this page to view your Footprint, add new entries, and print your Footprint certificate. If you need assistance at anytime, please contact us.

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This is your complete Footprint profile. View your Footprint as others will eventually see it, edit existing entries, and more.

Add a new text entry, story, or message to your Footprint.

Add new media files to your Footprint, such as images, PDF scans, videos, and more.

This certificate will be required for your descendants to gain read-only access in the future. It should be printed and stored in a private location with other end-of-life documents to ensure your family can view the Footprint you leave behind.