Why is our life story unique?

June 25, 2015

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you had a strong opinion about something only for someone to turn that opinion on its head by opening up another way of thinking about it?
It happens all the time. Different experiences lead to different perspectives. We form opinions and make decisions based on, among other things, what we believe we know and what we have experienced in life.

So not only does our path through life make our personal life story unique, so does our perspective or way of viewing life and happenings around us.

All of us have shared an experience with others only to have different recounts of that experience afterwards. These alternative recounts come from different observations, different goings-on, different attitudes going into the experience, different external factors that influenced the experience, and different outcomes from the experience. When you take all these aspects into account you can easily see how easy it is to have a unique experience even when seemingly doing the same thing as someone else.

This is looking from a single life experience perspective. Now consider this over a life time. Can you see now how our life stories all become exponentially different?

Credit: Jennifer Gibby