Starting A Memoir? 5 Key Questions (And More) To Get The Creative Juices Flowing!

July 26, 2016

Written by: Elizabeth Mashak

The life story we are writing will have a final chapter. The day will come when we are no longer around. And for most of us, the life we once lived will eventually be forgotten.

Or will it?

That is where a Footprint or memoir comes in. While many well-known celebrities are writing autobiographies about their life, everyone else is saying to themselves: “why bother.”

So many just aren’t willing to take on what seems like a very challenging task.  But in case you are teetering on the edge, here are 5 key questions (and more) that can help get those creative juices flowing so you can finally begin a memoir of your life story:

1. Why do you want to create a Footprint?

Is it simply because you want to leave something behind for your family or friends? Or is it because you think it will make an interesting read?

Is it to help someone else get through a difficult time?

Is it so you can be found by our great, great grandchildren one hundred years from now?

2. What do you remember about your childhood?

What hobbies or fun things did you enjoy doing as a child?

Did you play any sports? Which ones?

Who were your closest friends? And why did some friendships turn sour over the years?

3. What schools have you attended?

From elementary school through college and even graduate school, where have you been? How did you do?

Were you part of any honors or advanced programs?

Did you earn any scholarships in your later years?

Who were your favorite teachers? What do you remember most about the things you learned from them?  

4. What are some of the proudest moments in your life?

What are the moments that make you smile every time you think about them? What are the stories that you would relive in an instant?

Similarly, what are the challenges in life that became a hard lesson learned?

5. When messages do you want to leave behind for friends and loved ones?

If tonight was the last time you closed your eyes, what messages would you leave behind for your family? What would you say to your kids? Your spouse? Friends?

When people speak your name, what would you want them to say or remember about you?

Don’t ever forget that your life story is becoming a Footprint in America’s history. The life you live today will determine the legacy you leave behind tomorrow.

You are the author of that book.  So remember to make it a story that is worth remembering!