How to Create a Home That Tells Your Family’s Story

March 25, 2021

Written by: Paige A. Mitchell

Turning your house into a home takes more than just filling your space with fancy furniture. A family home is all about the little details, special moments, and irreplaceable memories.

Each family member completely unique yet living their day-to-day life under one roof. By making the most of the short time you have to raise a family, you’re creating a solid foundation for your children.

So, if you’re one of the lucky families that aims to bring a unique sense of home into your house, here are a few tips to get started writing your family’s story.

1. Put family photos and memories on display
A photo speaks a thousand words—this is why they carry so much weight. Hanging up family photos all around the house fills your home with memories that only belong to your family. There are many creative ways to incorporate photos into your home, such as hanging large prints, creating a family themed photo wall, or getting family photos printed on some of your household accessories.

Perhaps you choose different themes for each room. Whatever style you choose, making it a priority to surround your home with memories is a great way to cherish each family member’s unique story.

2. Ask for input from family members
Getting input on decor ideas from your family is one of the best ways to ensure your home tells their story. You may want to take some time to ask if there are any touches they’d like to see around the home. Simply ask about their favorite family memories—their proudest moment, their biggest win.

Old ballet slippers or pageant crowns don’t need to be hidden away in a box. There are tasteful ways to display these memories without making your home tacky. Whatever it is for your family, taking a trip down memory lane will give you great ideas about which memories are most important to cherish.

3. Display family heirlooms
If your family passes down any heirlooms or other sentimental items, your home is the perfect place to put them to good use in a special way. Use them as wall art throughout your home. Some objects that make for great pieces of home decor are old cameras, books, and jewelry. Displaying these things throughout your home will bring stories to life and remind you of the importance of family.

I mean, what tells your family’s story better than an antique?

4. Create a comfortable, functional atmosphere
Caring for the different aspects of a home takes work but is just as important in the memory making. It will help ensure that your family is able to come home and truly relax. You don’t want your family to feel ashamed of the environment they were raised in. A comfortable home is one that is stress-free and functional, with intentional design, clean carpets, and functional appliances.

Taking care of the less “fun” details of your home is the perfect way to show your family that you love them.

5. Hang a bulletin board
A bulletin board is unique way to show off exciting things, like your child’s report card or art work. If your family is busy and constantly on the go, it’s also a perfect place to hang up a calendar for important dates. You can post announcements, family invitations, and other things that the family can talk about and look forward to.

A kitchen is a good place for this because it’s one room in the house where peopletend to gather on a regular basis. During family dinners, you will have a nearby reminder about accomplishments and upcoming events.

6. Remember, your home is more than just four walls
When it comes down to it, what truly matters is realizing that your home is so much more than a mortgage. How you think about and treat your home determine so much more than you realize. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just recently moved into a new house, understand that it’s where you’ll make new memories, experience hardships, and inevitably write your family’s story.

Paige A. Mitchell is a recent graduate and freelancer writer. She enjoys reviewing household products, writing about making our homes healthier and more functional, and blogging about personal experiences. You can learn more about her story from here.