How To Answer The Future Call Of The Loved Ones You Leave Behind

September 8, 2020

Written by: Joe Fiduccia

All of us are on the rollercoaster ride we call “life”. It is filled with ups and downs, and plenty of unexpected turns along the way. But with each passing day, we are closing another chapter of the book that will eventually become our life story.

A story that will one day be forgotten.

Or will it?

You may have noticed lately that many well-known celebrities are announcing the release of professionally written memoirs about their life. Their books are selling by the millions, as it seems like everyone is fascinated by the life stories of the rich and famous.

So why haven’t you jumped on board? Why haven’t you announced the release of your memoir yet?

Chances are you fall into one of the following categories:

a) Life is too busy or complicated, and thus a memoir seems like an impossible feat.

b) You prefer to keep things private, or don’t like sharing things with others.

c) You have no writing experience, or no interest in writing.

d) Hiring someone to create a memoir for you is too pricey, or is an expense you are not willing to pay for.

e) You believe your life is mundane or just plain ordinary, and thus is not worth writing about.

f) You think no one will care about your life story.

But let’s break down each element a little further.

A. “Life is too busy or complicated.”

Yep. There is never enough time in the day to do all of the things we want to do. All of us are bouncing around like the ball inside a pinball machine, while dealing with the daily stresses of life…unsure where we will end up next.

B. “You prefer to keep things private.”

Everyone does. Many of us have a hard time sharing personal stories with even our closest friends or loved ones. And all of us have those skeletons in the closet we prefer to keep secret.

C. “You have no writing experience.”

Lots of us don’t. Maybe you are an accountant who deals with numbers all day long. Or maybe you have an assistant that does all of the writing for you. But unless you are a professional blogger or author, you probably haven’t written a good story since grade school!

D. “Hiring someone is too pricey.”

Spot on. Hiring a professional historian to summarize and preserve your life story can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. So when it comes down to a choice between paying for a memoir or a family vacation, it makes perfect sense why the majority will choose to skip the memoir thing.

E. “Your life is mundane or just plain ordinary.”

Yeah, so is everyone else’s. We get up, go to work or school, take care of the kids, maybe enjoy a drink with friends or our favorite TV show from time to time, and go to bed.

It’s a repetitive cycle that makes us feel like a machine. And unless we land a major role in a sitcom or run for a presidential election, the belief is that our life is pretty darn boring.

F. “No one will care about my life story.”

Most people won’t. In fact most of your future descendants probably won’t even know your name.

So case closed then. Decision is made. Why bother spending time creating a memoir or Footprint? Why put the effort into something that seems meaningless?

My answer: because the loves ones you leave behind will WISH you did.

That in mind, let’s look at these same elements a little differently:

A. “Life is too busy or complicated.”

Life is never too busy to make time for your loved ones. You already do it every day. Whether it’s spending a few minutes together at the dinner table, watching the last few minutes of their Saturday morning soccer game, or chatting with them on a video call from hundreds of miles away.

You have been successful in finding ways to make time for the people who are important in your life. And by spending just a few minutes a week piecing together a memoir, they will one day realize how much time you still wanted to set aside for them to enjoy those special memories together.

Even if you are no longer around to enjoy it with them.

B. “You prefer to keep things private.”

Contrary to what most of the celebrities are doing, no one said a memoir has to become a published novel for sale at a bookstore near you.

There are plenty of people who are writing letters to their loves ones or preserving memories for the future, while maintaining their privacy.

Only when the time is right, the Footprint they have left behind is made available to a select few people, such as their spouse or children. Thus keeping their story private to the rest of the world.

C. “You have no writing experience.”

These days you don’t need writing experience to craft a memoir.

Modern technology, such as mobile devices with audio and video recording apps, make preservation a snap!

Just press record, say what you want to say, and forever store it in your Footprint. No writing necessary.

D. “Hiring someone is too pricey.”

That’s why so many people like doing things themselves. It’s no different than changing the tire on your car or fixing a light bulb. Sure, we can pay someone to do it. But it’s not rocket science. Just apply some common sense and anyone can do it!

Not to mention there are also plenty of easy-to-use platforms that give you an opportunity to preserve your story – 100% free.

E. “Your life is mundane or just plain ordinary.”

Let’s turn the tables for a moment. You just attended the funeral of a loved one who passed. What are you thinking about for the weeks and months that follow?

Chances are, you say things to yourself like: “I miss them greatly. I wish they were still here. I would love to see their face or hear their voice just one more time.”

Regardless of how ‘mundane’ their life was, you still long for them.

See, it doesn’t matter how boring you think your life is. Your friends and family still enjoy your presence. They enjoy your company. They don’t care about your boring routines. They care about you.

So imagine how their faces will light up when they get to relive the journey of your life story, and discover a Footprint that you left behind just for them.

F. “No one will care about my life story.”

Have you ever seen an old photograph? Maybe something you found in your family album that was taken 100 years ago? What’s the first thought that comes to mind?

If you are like most people, it’s: “I would love to know their names.” Or “I wish they wrote something on the back so I know who these people were or what they were doing.”

The descendants you leave behind will have the same wishes. Rest assured that someone, someday, will see your face in a photo and ask those same questions about you.

The thing is: what will they find if they dig a little deeper?

For some people, a memoir can help pass the time or help bring closure to certain parts of their life. So they do it for personal reasons. But for most, a memoir is written as a way of answering a future call.

A call from the loved ones you will leave behind, who will long to relive the journey that was once your life story.

So when they dial your number, will you answer their call? Or will you let it ring until they hang up – forever?