Young Boy Spends His Allowance Making Clothes For Needy Children

April 14, 2016

10-year-old Xavier Elliott is your ordinary child. He enjoys his time in school, plays with his friends regularly, and spends a lot of time with his family.  

And when he isn’t doing those things, Elliott stays busy donating his homemade clothing to needy children.

But these aren’t just articles of clothing that he has outgrown. They are custom designs that he sews by hand. 

In fact, this pre-teen now knows more about sewing than your modern homemaker.

Elliott first learned the trade by watching his mother, Stephanie, who makes purses and clothes. Inspired to make something on his own, he immediately decided to spend his allowance on his own fabric, just so he can sew outfits for homeless children.

Elliott and his family have not had an easy life. According to his mother, they were homeless for quite some time, moving in and out of at least 6 different shelters, some of which were in very dangerous areas of town.

And despite the fact they have recently started to turn their life around, young Elliott is not about to leave others behind.

Stephanie decided to share Elliott’s good deed on social media. And before you know it, donations starting pouring in from everywhere in the form of prints and material.

Today Elliot continues to build his line of clothing, while perfecting the art of the perfect stitch. You can find his on social media through their Facebook page.

Inspiration for this story came from USA Today.