Two Oregon Seventh-Graders Are Giving Other Girls A Boost Of Confidence

June 25, 2015

Sometimes it’s the smallest acts of kindness that can make a significant change. But these two young girls only had one thing in mind – helping others feel good about themselves.

Avery Burn, 12, and Genae Vanek, 13, have been passing out mirrors to female classmates for the last few weeks. Written on the mirrors are positive, empowering expressions, like, “You are inspiring,” and “You are brilliant.” The project, which the pair call “Love My Reflection,” seeks to build up girls’ self-esteem.

It’s only been a few weeks since Avery and Genae began passing their mirrors out, but the pair have already noticed a positive change in their classmates.

“It’s definitely made a big difference. I definitely see more smiles on their faces. I see them complimenting themselves. That was a positive thing to see,” Genae told “A lot of people felt more confident with themselves which made it easier to go talk to people they don’t know and introduce themselves.”

But the project hasn’t just made a difference in their peers. The pair has benefited from Love Your Reflection, as well.

“This project helped boost my confidence to see that I can make a difference. It makes me feel better about myself.”

The girls connected with a local beauty and health store, who donated the mirrors to them, Avery and Genae said. They added they’re hoping to get more mirrors and expand to other middle schools around the area.

(Photo/Story via HuffPo)