Through The Eyes of A Child

December 1, 2020

Written by: Amber Fisher

Have you wondered what was going through their minds or did you ask them what they were doing, thinking or playing and it brought a smile to your face because maybe for a moment, you remembered yourself as a child and maybe even remembered an adventure you took.

As adults, we stopped playing, being silly and for the most part using our imagination to take us to an unknown location. Who hasn’t thrown down the sofa cushions on the floor because you were surrounded by lava, I sure have.

We get tied up in everyday life. Doing laundry, going to work, getting the lunches and clothes ready for school, helping with homework, and being a glorified Uber driver for every activity they are involved in etc etc… We occasionally say, “Oh to be a child again”. Well what’s stopping you?

Take any of those moments and look through the eyes of your child and let yourself become a kid again. Finding your inner child and letting yourself gain a new perspective. It’s like taking a picture, you either need to get on a ladder or lay on the ground to see the subject from a different angle. Just like life and our children, we need to see things from their point of view, so a special moment isn’t lost and how many times have you said to your children “Not right now, I’m busy.” and see a disappointed look on their face? I unfortunately have and always feel guilty.

Those are the times you just leave the adult stuff to the side and be with your children. Show them how to build a pillow fort, set it up with snacks and coloring books and let the world fall away. Get in the kitchen to cook up some crazy dessert you found or one that has been passed down ending with a giant mess in the kitchen. My children and I love to cook and bake together, we even have “Iron Chef” competitions, my son is a chili master and my daughter rocks her veggie pasta creation.

Fisher children

Maybe play a board game that they’ve never played before but you loved as a child. Have them teach you how to play their favorite video game and let them make fun of you when you don’t do so well (I’ve been there). If your family is anything like mine, a competition will ensue pretty quickly and by the time someone wins or the most competitive (my husband) comically loses, we find ourselves laughing through tears. One of the best sounds is the true laughter of a child.

You can also go outside, find a hill and see who can roll to the bottom the fastest, jump on a trampoline, or see who can swing the highest, race them down a slide or just play hide and seek. Be a kid again and see their world through their eyes, even for just a moment.

These are the moments you have right now and that are going to seal themselves into their memories and in their hearts. Our children grow so quickly and in a flash they are reaching adulthood but you are leaving them with a footprint that later those steps will be taken with their own children.

It’s part of the legacy you leave them with and keeping that inner child alive. Which reminds me of a quote from the movie Gladiator, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.” The smallest moments can sometimes have the biggest impact and it could be as simple as shutting off the lights, grabbing a flashlight and put on a play of shadow puppets.

And one final note: when a two year old hands you a toy telephone, answer it…

Amber FisherBased in Texas, Amber Fisher is a professional photographer, wife, and mother of several beautiful children who has a passion for capturing special moments. She also lives each day with a smile and a purpose to make a positive impact in the world. You can follow her journey online at Frame Life Photography.