This Father Lied To His Young Daughter. This Was Her Reaction.

June 25, 2015

Raising a child alone is a very hard task. Whether you are a single mom or dad, sacrifices have to be made. Our parents sacrifice their happiness just to make us happy. They sacrifice their freedom just to see you do whatever you want in the future. We should always be grateful and appreciative towards our parents, for we don’t know half of what they have done for us.

As children, we only see what our parents show us, and may not truly understand them. Some children would even go as far as ‘hating’ their parents if not given what they want. Children should also understand that it is not easy being a parent. We sometimes do not realize that everything they are doing is for us, and no one else.

This video clip, which is actually a commercial for Metlife, shows us how a dad struggles everyday just to feed his daughter. He would pretend to go to work, or be happy, or full, so as not to worry his daughter. Little did he know, the daughter was aware of everything. The daughter then writes a short paper about her dad.

Credit to Viral4Real for sharing this video