Teenager Puts Life On The Line To Save A Complete Stranger From Fast-Moving Train

April 27, 2016

The definition of a ‘hero‘ is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

And today, 19-year-old Ashley Aldridge of Auburn, IL has rightfully earned that title.

Just recently she was preparing some lunch when she suddenly heard calls for help. So she looked outside to find the motorized scooter of 75-year-old Earl Moorman stuck at a railroad crossing.

He was unable to move, and the worst part – she could hear a train approaching in the distance and noticed the nearby railroad crossing arms starting to come down.

Risking her own life, she quickly ran out of the house to help Moorman (a complete stranger) out of this life-threatening situation.

“His back wheels were stuck on the track,” Aldridge said in an interview with the State Journal Register shortly after the incident. “I tried lifting the chair, but that didn’t work. Then I looked over and the train was right there. I was like, I’m going to keep trying.”

With seconds to spare, she successfully managed to lift him just enough that she could tilt the wheelchair back and pull the 200 pound man to safety.” The train then collided with the chair, but there were no injuries reported.

Aldridge said: “I’m just glad he’s OK. The only thing going through my mind was, I hope he’s OK.”

Dave Beck, Moorman’s son-in-law, made it a point that evening to stop by Aldridge’s home to express their appreciation.

“I was coming down to tell her thank you. I’ve hugged her I don’t know how many times today. It’s overwhelming. I can’t get over how much I’m in debt to her,” Beck said.