Postal Worker Stands At Attention In Pouring Rain During Stranger’s Funeral Procession

February 23, 2016

Did you see a postal worker today? What were they doing?

Walking the neighborhood door-to-door? Driving from mailbox to mailbox? Working behind a counter?

Well whatever they were doing, we guarantee it doesn’t even come close to the actions of this USPS letter carrier.

This is a photo of a Pensacola, Florida postal worker named Glenn Corbet. He is seen standing outside at attention for a funeral procession that was passing through for a World War II veteran.

Oh, and it was pouring rain.

Carole Chase-Draughan, the daughter of the veteran who the funeral was for, took this photo as they passed by.

Chase-Draughan shared the touching moment on a local news Facebook page saying, “Whoever this wonderfully patriotic postman is, I would love to just thank him for his respect, during the steady rain on Wednesday afternoon as the funeral motorcade for my WWII Veteran father passed him. This is what Respect looks like!”

After finding out his identity, she left one more comment addressed to Corbet specifically: “Thank you Glenn Corbett, from the bottom of my heart…The respect you displayed at my Daddy’s funeral procession truly touched my heart.”