Police officer goes beyond the call of duty for young boy who walks 9 miles to work

June 25, 2015

Phoenix Police Sgt. Natalie Simonick, 46, was on patrol around 11 p.m., when she saw a young man named Christian Felix walking alone in a dark and desolate area who she thought might be violating curfew.

So she pulled over and asked him what he was doing.  His response: “walking home, I missed the bus.”

After the young man, Christian Felix, showed Simonick his ID proving he was 18 years old, the sergeant offered Felix a courtesy ride home. They got to talking, and it turned out that the Felix would walk a 9-mile distance to his home from his job at McDonald’s if he missed his bus.  And unfortunately he never learned how to ride a bike.

Simonick was impressed by the young man and his story. So after that night, Simonick spoke to her husband, who said she could give Felix their extra bike. And the other members of her squad agreed to help teach Felix how to ride a bike.

“It’s really something when someone comes up on the street and offers to do a kindness for you,” Felix said. “These days you don’t see anything like that.  If everybody could help just one person in the world like this, I think it would definitely be a better place to live.”

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