Parent Raises Funds To Purchase A Car For Their Favorite Preschool Teacher

May 11, 2016

Do you bring your kids to preschool? How would you rate their service? Specifically that of the teacher.

Stellar? Mediocre? Just doing it for the money?

Sometimes a job is nothing more than a way to pay the bills. And many preschool teachers will tell you it’s not always fun being responsible for a room of 15 young children.

But this Louisiana worker’s dedication to a preschool class caught the attention of several parents. And one parent in particular showed her appreciation in a very unique way.

Brittney Nichols brings her 2-year-old daughter to Benton Preschool and Childcare in Benton, Louisiana. She very quickly noticed that her daughter’s teacher, Christy Owens, goes over the top to make all of the children feel welcome.

Owens is described as an amazingly happy person with a kind heart, who treats all of the children in her preschool as if they were her own. The children always leave school with a smile on their face, sharing stories of fun and laughter, all centered around Mrs. Owens.

Nichols noticed Owens walking to church one Sunday morning and struck up a conversation with her about transportation. It turns out Owens did not have a vehicle, nor did she even have an opportunity to earn a driver’s license.

Whether it was for church or school, rain or shine, Owens walked or relied on friends and public transportation when necessary to get around.

So Nichols took it upon herself to change all that.

Within a few weeks of that Sunday meeting, Nichols was able to raise enough money for Owens to attend driving school. And when she earns that license, a Chevy Cavalier (with insurance also covered) has been parked outside her home, waiting for a new driver to take the wheel.

Check out the following news clip from WLOX with even more details!