Officer Pulls Him Over For Tinted Windows And Follows Up With An Amazing Of Kindness!

May 3, 2016

Seen any “good cop” stories in the news lately? If your social media feed is like most others, probably not.

But there is a father from Westland, Michigan who made it a point to spread the word about an officer’s random act of kindness that brought him to tears.

28-year-old LaVonte Dell was running some errands in his car with his 3-year-old daughter in the back seat. That’s when he looked in his rear view mirror and noticed the red and blue lights of a police car directly behind him.

The young father’s nerves started going on overdrive, as he could feel the butterflies in his stomach fluttering uncontrollably. The reason for his anxiety? His car had tinted windows, which is a big no-no in his township that could result in a hefty fine.

A fine that Dell just can’t afford.

As Officer Scaglione approached the vehicle, he noticed Dell’s 3-year-old daughter sitting unrestrained in the back, with no car seat or booster seat. That’s when Scaglione asked him to step out of the car.

But neither of them anticipated where the pending conversation would soon lead.

Officer Scaglione asked Dell to explain why his daughter was not in a car seat. Dell teared up and said he had fallen on tough times, and didn’t have the money to afford one right now.

So Officer Scaglione surprised Dell with an offer he couldn’t refuse: a trip to Walmart for a new seat…with all expenses covered by Scaglione.

Shocked at the officer’s incredible gesture, Dell followed Officer Scaglione to the nearby Walmart and found the perfect pink car seat for his daughter. Scaglione paid the bill, and the two parted ways.

Dell never learned the officer’s name. But after his social media post about the experience went viral, the two were reunited for an interview with ABC.

Dell said he hopes that people “learn to never judge a book by its cover” and “realize there are still good people out there going above and beyond to protect you and make sure you’re still alright.”

Scaglione said he was just doing his job and asks anyone uplifted by the story “to just pay it forward.”

see the video on ABC