Officer Breathes Life Back Into 5-y-o Girl, Then Shows Up At Her College Graduation

May 30, 2018

Imagine coming face-to-face with the man who literally brought you back to life almost 25 years ago.

That’s exactly what happened to Josi Aponte at her High School graduation ceremony.

Back in 1988, police officer Peter Getz was dispatched to an apartment building that was engulfed in flames. Aponte was in the building with her cousin and eventually lost consciousness.

The Hartford, Connecticut firefighters entered the building where they were met with heavy smoke. They quickly located Aponte, who no longer had a pulse.

After removing her from the building, Officer Getz took Aponte into the back of his patrol car and started CPR. Another recruit drove them both to the hospital as he tried to breath life back into the 5-year-old’s body.

By the time they reached the hospital, Aponte was breathing again. And she went on to make a full recovery thanks to the heroic actions of the firefighters and Officer Getz.

Since then Getz said he kept her photo on his desk and followed her progress in the school system. And on the day of her graduation from Eastern Connecticut State University, Getz was right there to congratulate her.

Aponte graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. As for Getz, he is still giving back to the community. He is an active member of the Police Athletic League, which helps empower youth through leadership programs.

Officer Getz saving Josi

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Josi Aponte see Offier Getz again