New Mom Is Shocked When Strangers Do THIS To Her Car!

March 31, 2016

27-year-old Kaylee Goemans of Barrie, Canada was at home with her newborn baby, enjoying the calm (and sometimes not so calm) moments as a new mother.

But her day would soon take on a new meaning after a surprise call from her family doctor.

Goemans’ doctor called with concerning news about a recent test they performed, noticing her son had a knot in his bowel filled with liquid and air. He advised Goemans to take her son to the emergency room immediately, and she wasted no time getting out the door.

Goemans got in the car and rushed her 6-week-old son, Dominic, to the hospital. When she arrived, she put all of the change she had in a parking meter, hoping for a relatively short visit.

But it wasn’t going to be enough. More tests had to be performed, and they would need to stay at the hospital for an unknown length of time.

As most moms in her situation would do, Goemans was unwilling to leave her son’s side and decided to stay. But amidst the waiting, she eventually realized her parking meter needed more money, and that it would only be a matter of time before the city ticketed or towed her car.

So Goemans decided to turn to a group of moms on Facebook who she believed would understand her situation. Not soliciting help, but instead just looking for advice. She explained to the moments what was happening and looked for ideas on how to best avoid a ticket.

But that’s when you can say the power of social media wins again.

Dozens of women who belonged to the group not only responded, but some offered to pay the meter for her. And the best part – most of them were complete strangers to Goemans.

After getting some information about the make and model of the car, women starting arriving within 40 minutes of the online conversation to put more change in the meter.

Stephanie Goguen, one of the moms who donated some spare change, was working at the Royal Victoria Health Center when she first witnessed the online conversation. And she turned out to be one of the five women who ended up stopping to fill the meter.

Goemans said it made her situation much less stressful. She went on to say that she was able to focus on her son’s needs and not about the car being towed.

Goemans knows she will have to go to more doctor appointments with her son, but readily admits this hospital visit is one she’ll never forget. And she now hopes her story will inspire more people to pay it forward.

Cheers to hoping it does.