New Family-Owned Pizzeria Aims To Employ People With Disabilities

April 13, 2016

If you are planning a trip to Reno, Nevada in the near future, make sure you plan a stop at the New York style pizzeria that has made national headlines recently!

Walter Gloshinski, who has spent time in Texas, California, and Ohio, comes to Nevada with 25 years of experience as a special education teacher, helping create programs where children with disabilities could be trained for jobs in pizzerias and bakeries.

Now in a new home, and yet still eager to continue helping these children, Gloshinski and his wife Judy moved to Reno and opened up Smiling With Hope Pizza.

But what makes this pizzeria special isn’t just the food. It’s the people who help make it.

The new pizzeria has hired two employees with developmental disabilities, and plans to continue bringing in more. Gloshinski even hopes his business will become so successful that he bring on an entire staff of people with disabilities, and also create pension plans, safe housing, and paid vacations for all of them.

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“Everyone always thinks that [others] will take care of people with disabilities,” said Gloshinski in an ABC interview. “There are no jobs out there for these kids, so they are being prepared for nothing.”

Gloshinski works closely with the Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation, who helps place people with developmental disabilities into the workforce. And even though they are a small startup with only a few employees, they have already earned the support of the entire community.

In fact the Gloshinskis had such a large crowd for dinner one day that they had to close within 90 minutes of opening the doors.

America’s Footprints wishes the Gloshinski family all the best in their new venture, and we encourage you to support the new Smiling With Hope Pizzeria by showing them some love on Facebook!

Gloshinski and his employees making pizza