NCIS Star Risks His Own Life To Save Teens In Burning Car

July 6, 2016

The name Mark Harmon will likely ring a bell for you.  He is an American television and movie actor who has appeared in a wide variety of roles since the mid-1970s, and today is perhaps best known for his role on NCIS.

But it’s what Harmon happened before the recent generations came to know him that we’d like to spotlight today.

One evening back in 1996, Harmon was enjoying some relaxation in his Brentwood home.  As if on the set of a hollywood movie, an incident quickly unfolded directly outside his front window that became a life and death moment for everyone.

Shattering the peaceful evening breeze was the loud crash of a car that had clipped a tree, flipping over a few times and bursting into flames…caused by a teenager showing off for a friend and misjudging an upcoming turn.

burning car

Seeing that escape from the flaming wreckage was practically impossible, Harmon jumped into action. With the suggestion by his wife to grab a nearby sledgehammer, Mark ran to the car…smashing out a window.

Though the sudden influx of oxygen immediately caused the fire to dramatically increase in intensity, Harmon was able to free the driver from the wreckage.

Unfortunately the passenger was trapped upside down, still wearing his seatbelt.  But somehow Harman was able to find the strength and will to literally rip him out of the car.

And in the end, both the driver and passenger were saved with non-life threatening injuries.  All due to the heroic acts of Mr. Harmon.

So the next time you see Mark Harmon on the streets or on TV, be sure to give him more than just a smile.  Give him your thanks and appreciation, for he risked his own life to save two others.

It was a true act of bravery from a Footprint that clearly deserves a spotlight in America’s history.