Man Helps Neighborhood Families By Building His Own Bus Stop

June 25, 2015

Jerry Evans, 72, would watch as kids and moms waited for the city bus in front of his home on a tiny strip of sidewalk in front of his Brooklyn Center home on Brooklyn Boulevard, a street known for its busy traffic. He couldn’t believe how dangerous it was to be so close to cars whizzing by.  So Evans, a retired landscape designer, took matters into his own hands and did something that became a first for the residents in Brooklyn.

He decided to build a bus stop for the public on his front lawn, which included benches, a retaining wall and landscaping.

Recently, Evans was nominated and chosen for Brooklyn Center’s Random Act of Kindness award because of his creation of the bus stop.

“Thanks to Jerry’s kind and generous gift of his time, talent, and treasures, those who catch the bus in front of his house have an attractive, safe place to sit while waiting for the bus,” said City Council member Lin Myszkowski, who nominated Evans after noticing the bus stop.

Evans, who has gotten to know both the bus drivers and riders in the area, often chats with the usual commuters.  “One bus driver told me this is the nicest bus stop on his route,” Evans said. “Ninety-nine percent of the people are just wonderful.”

You can see more about this story from the following TV 12 broadcast: