KITT and the Make-a-Difference campaign stop in East Stroudsburg, PA

June 25, 2015

Notchback KITT recently made a fun stop at the Pocono Raceway Festival in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  The main street was closed to vendros of all kinds, Nascar race cars, and we were honored they opened it up to KITT as well.  Thousands of people enjoyed the festivities, with many of them stopping by to see KITT up close and in person.

Fans of the tv show bombarded KITT all day. The reactions from grown adults were priceless, as KITT instantly seemed to draw everyone together over a common theme. Complete strangers engaged in conversation about their favorite tv show and how cool it was to see a working replica in their own home town.

Our favorites reactions were those from the kids. Because the tv show Knight Rider is now more than 30 years old, many of the younger generations don’t even know who KITT is. But they are intrigued when they see the sleek-looking talking car and always like to come in for a closer look. That’s when we invite them inside for a photo opportunity and to learn about who KITT was. They always seem to enjoy hearing the story of one man, and one car, making a positive difference in the world…one episode at a time. It was truly an honor to show them a piece of history, and perhaps inspire them to one day create their OWN footprint in history.


Knight Rider & K.I.T.T. are wholly owned and copyrighted properties of Universal Studios, Inc. The car we built was never used in the actual TV show, and forever will remain a custom-made replica. We invite you to follow our story and see how the Make a Difference campaign truly aims to keep the legacy of Knight Rider alive for generations to come.