Hiker Stumbles On A Dog With Bullet Wounds; What She Does Next – Amazing!

October 24, 2015

Sometimes the stories of our past deserve another spotlight in the future. And this one is no exception.

In October 2013, Andi Davis was hiking down a deserted trail in Phoenix enjoying the open air and surrounding beauty. But when she turned the corner on a rocky trail, she never expected a site that would change her life forever.

Laying on a set of jagged rocks was a black and white pitbull dog. He was breathing very slowly and barely moved. Unsure what the problem was at first, Davis approached with caution. And when she got close enough, her heart sank.

The pitbull apparently had been shot, multiple times.

“My heart broke at the first sight of him,” said Andi’s daughter Jessi in a letter to the Arizona Humane Society. “He was torn up. Everywhere.”

Acting quickly, Davis put all of her fears and hesitation aside. She reached for her water bottle, gave him a drink, and did the only thing she could think of. Davis picked up the 47-pound pitbull, and started walking.

It was a walk that would only take an hour. But for Davis, time stopped, and she couldn’t get to the end of the trail fast enough.

As she slowly made her way back to civilization, Davis tried to calm the dog who was clearly frightened, but unable to move. “It will be OK,” she said. “It will be OK.”

Davis considers herself to be a very fit person. But even she couldn’t manage the burden of a 47 pound weight in her arms, and had to stop several times along the way to take a short break. And at one point, the dog completely stopped moving.

Along the way Davis had contacted her husband via cell phone to inform him of the situation.  He and their daughter met Davis at the bottom of the trail. They all got in the car and took the pitbull to the Arizona Humane Society.

“I thought I would never see him again,” Andi said. “I knew he was in good hands, but I still felt very sad.”

The pitbull had abdominal wounds and a bullet in the middle of his neck. Veterinarians worked quickly, removing all of the bullets and fragments from the ailing pup.

And the pitbull, who apparently has a very strong will to live, survived.

The Davis family welcomed the pitbull into their home, and named him Elijah. He is now well acquainted with several other dogs that the Davis family owns.

Officials never launched an investigation to find the person who shot Elijah, since there wasn’t a clear timetable. And despite the fact it’s been several years since the shooting, no witnesses have come forward.

As for Andi, her arms still ache. But the joy of seeing Elijah when she wakes up each morning is all it takes to make the pain go away.