He Stopped Traffic To Save The Life Of Another Driver

May 11, 2016

When you are sitting in traffic on a road that is otherwise relatively quiet, you know something is going on. You think to yourself: is it construction? An accident?

And all it takes is a few minutes before you start exclaiming “get me out of this traffic already!”

That was the case for people at an intersection in Dallas, Texas recently. Cars were in a turning lane for upwards of five minutes, stuck behind a white Chevy truck that wasn’t moving. Painfully they inched their way forward around the truck, honking their horns and screaming out of their windows: “get out the way!”

This caught the attention of Odis Banks, one of the drivers in that very lane who was headed to a nearby shopping center to pay some bills.

At first, he was just as impatient as everyone else… itching to get around the stalled truck at first. But as he finally made his way around the white Chevy, he noticed something that immediately stopped his forward momentum.

The man in the truck was not moving.

Banks decided to park his car and check on the driver at the intersection, crossing four lanes of traffic just to get to the vehicle. As he approached the open window, he saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat with his eyes wide open, drenched in sweat. But attempts to communicate with him were hopeless, as the man was non-responsive.

Unsure if the man would attack him, Banks slowly opened the door, reassuring the man he was just there to help. In doing so, the man’s foot came off the brakes and his truck started rolling forward. But Banks’ quick thinking brought the truck to a stop as he put it in park, just feet from the crossing traffic.

It was then that Banks realized the unresponsive man was in trouble. So Banks picked him up and attempted to bring him to safety along the grassy median. Once again he needed to cross four lanes of traffic, but this time he had the help of other drivers who finally realized what was going on.

Several people then pulled over to help, including a handful of nurses who noticed signs of an intense seizure. They attempted to stabilize the man until paramedics finally arrived.

Doctors determined the man’s blood sugar level had dropped down to 17 mg/dL (a normal reading is generally between 70 and 99), causing a mild stroke and placing him into a diabetic coma. They believed he most certainly would have died if no one came to his rescue.

But thanks to heroic act of driver Odis Banks, the man survived.

So the next time you are stuck in a lane of traffic and notice a stalled car in front of you, stop and look. Because that 3-second-glance could mean the difference between life, and death.