Good cop spotlight – Officer John Holder going out of his way for 73-y-o widow

June 25, 2015

Dorothy Shepard is a 73-year-old widow who received a helping hand from DeSoto police officer, John Holder.  Shepard lives alone and is recovering from knee and back surgeries.  So Officer Holder regularly comes to the door of Shepard’s home for her wellness check.

“She struck me as someone that really needed someone to care and help her out.”  He even gave Shepard his cell phone number and told her if she needed anything to call him.  And for the past six months, Holder has driven Shepard to and from every doctor’s appointment when he’s off-duty.

“I know police officers, but I never expected him to be that kind, and to go out of their way,” says Shepard.

So the next time you see the stories on social media promoting negativity about police officers, don’t ever forget good-guy Officer Holder.  

Original story – NBC2