Dining Hall Employee Dreams Of A Trip To Canada, And These Students Made It Happen!

January 25, 2016

We recently shared a story about a few students from a local university who raised funds for a coffee shop employee to live out her dream of visiting Disneyland.

Well it seems like their idea has caught on like wildfire, and perhaps has inspired a similar act of kindness from another university almost 2,200 miles away!

59 year-old Vicke Davis has been an dining hall employee at Arizona State University for the past three years. Davis is a personable employee who enjoys talking to students and getting to know them on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter what time of day of it, or how long she’s been on her feet.

If there’s a student in front of her, she makes it a point to engage them in light conversation.

Students describe her as someone who cares, because she will remember the names and the stories behind everyone she talks to.

While conversing with a junior student one day, the topic of a dream vacation came up. He asked Davis where the trip of a lifetime would look like in her eyes.

Davis responded with a smile: “the Northern Lights.” And when the student asked why, she said: “if you sing or whistle, the colorful streaks will dance with you.”

That student’s name was Quintin Woods, who had gotten to know Davis quite well throughout the school year. And this junior then took it upon himself to start a fundraiser for Davis on Go Fund Me in the hopes of raising enough funds to send her on a trip to the Aurora Borealis.

It didn’t take long. Within 48 hours, more than 150 people helped him reach a goal of more than $2,000 for her trip.

Interested in seeing Davis’ reaction when 100 students surrounded Davis at the cash register to surprise her with the news about a trip to Canada?

Just watch the video below to see how it all transpired!