Deputy Helps Homeless Mom And Family Who Spent The Night In Jail

May 25, 2016

Imagine finding yourself in a situation with two young children, having no way to provide food or even a basic shelter for them to sleep in.

That’s exactly what happened to a mom named Tierra Gray from Hamilton, Ohio.

Gray was recently evicted from her home, leaving her with a very tough decision to make. With no one to turn to for help, she walked in to the only place she felt safe: the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, who allowed her and her children to sleep inside of the jail lobby.

But as you might expect, making that decision was one of the lowest points of her life.

After a long night of crying, Gray decided to ask for help from her guardian angels. And it didn’t take long for them to respond.

The very next day, Deputy Brian Bussell (an officer for Butler County) asked Gray to sit down in his office. Given the circumstances of no home, and after the night she just went through, Gray feared the worst. And she prepared herself for the possibility that her children would be taken away.

But Deputy Bussell had something else completely different in mind.

Bussell reached out his hand and offered to help Gray get back on her feet.

“He told me that he was going to help and that we were going to get everything we need taken care of, and I just cried,” Gray said. “I was like: you are the angel I have been praying for all night.'”

Shortly after their conversation, Bussell loaded the family into his cruiser and took them out to a local restaurant. He then paid for a 10-day stay at a local hotel room for the family to sleep in.

But Bussell was just getting started.

As the day progressed, he took the entire family on a shopping spree. He bought new clothing and shoes for the children, toiletries, and snacks…all paid for out of his own pocket.

“There are good cops,” Gray said. “They’re still out there. They’re still heroes to our children. I’m just really, really grateful,” she said.

Gray decided to share the story about Bussell’s kind act on her Facebook page with the hope of spreading a good news story about law enforcement. Here is an excerpt from what she wrote:

“God brought this Angel Officer Brian Bussell and the Butler County Sheriff Department to our rescue this morning. We have been going through storm after storm [and] our rainbow sure has come this morning. My kids and myself will never forget what [they have] done for us!! Will everyone please share this post so that he is recognized for being our Angel sent from God please!!! This should make news. Share!!!! share!!!! share!!!!”

Bussell declined comment, but the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said it’s not surprised by his kindness, and that he never likes to call attention to his actions.

Currently, Gray and her family are still trying to gather enough money to find a small place to live. Gray’s husband is working in Cincinnati in hopes of saving enough money to also buy a car.

And America’s Footprints wishes them all the best for a brighter future ahead.