Credit Card Rep Goes Beyond Her Job Description To Brighten This Couple’s Day

March 15, 2018

If you’ve been on the receiving end of fraudulent credit card activity, you know it is anything but pleasant. While many banks and credit institutions do a pretty good job at covering your losses and getting you back to your everyday routine, fraudulent charges become another hassle in life you just don’t want to deal with.

Especially when you just received word that your wife had uterine cancer.

Ellen and Bob Wallace have been married over 40 years. They have raised children, they work together everyday running a small business, and should be enjoying their golden years together with little worry.

But Ellen’s recent cancer diagnosis was a difficult blow for the two of them. And as if that wasn’t tough enough, while in the middle of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, they received a call from Capital One Bank regarding fraudulent activity on their account.

Bob returned the call to Capital One, which was answered by a woman who identified herself as: “Chine Cmv797.”

Bob expected another stressful conversation on top of an already overwhelming day. But the call turned out to be quite the opposite of what he was expecting.

According to Mr. Wallace, the Capital One representative was a joy to speak with. During their conversation, she picked up on Bob’s monotone voice, inquiring as to why he sounded so sad. And that is when he shared the story about his wife’s cancer, saying how much his day had turned into a nightmare.

Chine expressed her condolences and prayers, also sharing a story about a close relative of hers who recently passed from cancer. She was very supportive throughout the conversation, and said she would handle everything regarding the fraudulent activity.

The call ended, and Bob expected that was the end of it. But there was a surprise waiting for him just one week later.

The couple arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of white roses and green ferns with a note attached. It read:

“Mr. Wallace, I have confidence that the positive energy and strength you and your wife hold will guide you through this difficult time. – Chine Cmv797, Capital One”

Ellen and Bob were both blown away at what seemed like an impossible gesture from “corporate America.” It remains unclear if Chine first got permission from Capital One to do this, or if she paid for it out of her own pocket.

Unable to contact Chine directly, Mr. Wallace wrote to the founder and CEO of Capital One, Richard Fairbank, to express his appreciation for her random act of kindness. He has yet to get a response, but believes Chine deserves every ounce of recognition she can get.

Inspiration for this story came from the Good News Network.