Cop Does Good Deed For The Benefit Of The Community, Not The Cameras

June 25, 2015

Many believe that the stories of cops caught on camera doing good things are strictly for show. And when the cameras are off, the good deeds suddenly stop. But there are those officers who do whatever they can to help their community, cameras rolling or not.

And here is the perfect example.

Bridgeport, Connecticut Officer Cody Remy was doing the rounds in his neighborhood and saw a child struggling with a broken bicycle.  So he pulled his cruiser to the side of the road, and got out…which immediately caught the attention of a nearby neighbor.

Instead of reprimanding the child for bad behavior or attempting to make contact with the boy’s parents, Officer Remy decided to help the young boy fix his bike.  And as the photo shows, he was likely unaware that he was being caught on camera by this nearby neighbor.

Moments like this are worth sharing because more often than not, we are surrounded by stories of distrust between police officers and the citizens they are called to protect.

When approached about his random act of kindness, Officer Remy refused to admit that he had done anything special. He was so adamant about it that the city’s mayor Bill Finch had to step in and give Cody Remy the credit he deserved.

In a statement by Mayor Finch, he said: “Officer Remy’s act of helping out a child in need in our community is a great example. He doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary. But I disagree. The picture speaks for itself. And, I’ll leave it up to others in our community and beyond to decide for themselves.”

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