Community Rallies In Support Of Young Teen Who Considered Suicide

August 10, 2017

Things are about to change dramatically for this bullied Turlock, California eighth-grader who contemplated suicide earlier this year.  And we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear what those changes are.

Breanna Mendoza has a rare birth defect known as Goldenhar syndrome that causes facial deformities. The family home-schooled Breanna after she was bullied in elementary school. But pending her 8th grade enrollment, Breanna mustered up enough courage to return to school and give the experience another try.

However, it didn’t take long for the bullying to start again. And this time it became serious enough that Breanna considered taking her own life.

After Breanna’s story appeared on a newscast in April, comforting messages and offers of help poured in. And thanks to the unbelievable outreach by her community, 14-year-old Breanna Mendoza has a new lease on life with a LOT to look forward to. And a special date planned for this August will help to kick things off.

Local businesses contributed to a magical day for Breanna and her family, where they will travel in style to a Taylor Swift concert at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The day will start with picking out a free new outfit from Envy Fine Clothing. Then, Modesto spa will give Breanna a complimentary spa treatment complete with hair and makeup, followed by a stop at Skip’s Music who will add a guitar and free lessons to the mix.

And if that isn’t enough to get her warmed up for the Taylor Swift concert, the family will enjoy a complimentary dinner at Rivets American Grill where head chef Juan Tostado will prepare Breanna’s favorite dish. Afterwards, a limousine will take the family to Santa Clara, with the entire evening captured in a scrapbook to keep…compliments of Best Days of Your Life Photography.

Businessman Craig Day, who is the one responsible for organizing this incredible day, told Breanna that there is just one catch. “You gotta make a promise,” Day told her. “You have to promise to always believe, and never forget: there’s going to be times in your life when some people are going to try to knock you down. But there’s a whole army of folks who’ve got your back, and are going to pick you back up.”

Day worked for weeks to put the special day together after seeing Breanna’s story via Facebook. “Essentially, she had a story floating around in social media, and I thought, ‘That’s really crappy what someone has done to her. Somebody should do something nice for her,’ ” he said. Some extra Taylor Swift tickets he and son Jordan would not be using got him thinking.

“Please tell me I’m not being ‘Pranked’ here!” a stunned Breanna said, before giving her widest smile, thank-yous and hugs to everyone.

The new outlook on life does not end there. Breanna’s tuition for Turlock Christian School has now been fully paid for, where she is enrolled in regular classes and feels accepted and liked. Another donor paid for private tutoring, with an early report predicting she would be doing schoolwork nearly at grade level by summer’s end.

“Now the sky’s the limit for her,” her father Miguel Mendoza said. “It’s been amazing.”  You can see Breanna’s reaction to her new life in the following video:

Turlock Unified School District did not respond to requests for information on the incidents of bullying, or a copy of the district statement sent to Channel 10 news. A portion of the response included in the original April 14 broadcast said the district was investigating the allegations and waiting for a response from the Mendozas.

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